Craft room planning!!

Dear, lovely Stephen has said that it’s ok with him if I use the library as a craft room.

I forget how many hobbies I have until I try to fit them all into an organized space in one room. I need to find places for leather crafts, crocheting crafts, weaving crafts, drawing and painting, and sewing crafts. That might be it, but it’s a small room. And already houses several shelves of books.

So the biggest space killers are going to be fabric and yarn and leather. Raw materials, I suppose. Organizing tools should be fairly painless…lots of jars! I might mount a coat rack or something to hang the loom from – it definitely needs a home. And my leather tools/etcs (have lots of bottles of stuff) should probably have a shelf of some kind.

A shelf for fabric would be so nice, too – so that I can fold and stack everything and not have to feel like I’m exhuming a body every time I try to look through my fabric stash. The yarn ought to be able to go in a bin, though – don’t mind digging that up.

For right now though, I will probably just put everything into milk crates. That will be a step in the right direction, anyway.

I thought blogging about this might help me to brainstorm organization ideas, but doesn’t seem like that’s really working. I think I just need to get home and start doing it.