I’m starting to feel like I’m blogging too much.

The only reason I don’t want to blog too often is because I suspect that my entries are less interesting – mostly because I’m writing to write, rather than writing to communicate a precise idea (or whatever).

But whatever. No one’s forcing anyone to read this, so oh well.

Last night I was able to work on some piecing (this is the prototype so far). Tried doing the knight after I was mostly successful with the bishop, but the pieces are soo small.


Anyway, so last night was awesome because I got to sit at home sewing and watching Dexter. Saw the last episode last night, finally. I cried. But was satisfied.

Oh, I also spent part of the evening listening to the Ken Ham/Bill Nye debate, which was less infuriating than I had expected it to be. I felt like both men were professional and kept away from logical fallacies like stupid ad hominem arguments. I also felt like they both said exactly what I would have expected them to say, and my opinion on both sides of the argument remains unchanged – as I imagine is true for most people. Nevertheless, it was interesting to me just because the creationist issue has been a big one for me in the past, and because Bill Nye and Ken Ham were both pretty much household names for me growing up.

I miss face-to-face conversations about this stuff. I miss Matt. Fuck. I really do. He had such a brain.

Sometimes I feel like I need better outlets for things, like bouncing thoughts and ideas off of people.

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I'm a young, childless widow who is trying to figure out the best way to deal with the world in light of my late husband's suicide. It's harder than I ever imagined it would be, but somehow at the same time I am still alive and even happy sometimes.

6 thoughts on “I’m starting to feel like I’m blogging too much.”

  1. 1. I like your blogs. I always want to blog way more often than I do, but I don’t think anyone reads it anymore, and writing to a void feels weird after I got used to thinking people were there. When I first was blogging, it felt like I was journaling, but then people would comment, and that felt odd, and then I got used to it, and—I just am very self-conscious, now.
    2. That square is incredible. Wow, wow, wow. Wow. Can’t wait to see how a knight square is pieced.
    3. I also wanted to talk to someone about the debate in person. But Marshall is just irritated by these kinds of debates. I mean, I am too, but I still wanted to talk about it. I wish you and I could get a beer and chat it up. It brought back lots of memories.
    4. I share your feeling in your last paragraph.


    1. 1) I definitely read your blog, and I’m sorry I don’t comment more! I’m terrible. Thank you for commenting so much on mine!!! I have no excuses for not repaying that.
      2) The knight turned out well. 🙂 I might put up some more pictures tomorrow because I got about 3 squares for the actual quilt done last night. the on in the picture was just practice.
      3) YES. I would LOVE to get a beer (er whatever) and talk about the debate with you. Dammit, now I’m sad.


  2. Blogging/journaling/etc. and other activities tend to be like a see-saw; the more one actually goes out and does stuff, the less one tends to write, and vice versa. However, this is not to say that blogging is a distraction from life, because that would be like saying that fueling an airplane is a distraction from actually flying it, or that sleep is a distraction from what you do while you’re awake. If it helps you process events so that you can better do other stuff, then it would be worthwhile even if served no other purpose. But self-expression does have important social purposes.

    Also, since no supernatural power has definitively given us the answer to the question of the meaning of life (aside from 42), we could make up our own answer: viz. that the entire purpose of the rest of life is to (1) provide material to blog about; to (2) allow us to gather together the resources needed to sustain the body and the computer so that they can unite to create and enhance blogs; etc. One could create a new religion/philosophy, Blogism, around the premise that the whole universe’s purpose is to bring about the best blogosphere possible, and we are finally seeing that ultimate phase of human history begin to unfold, now that modern technology has brought blogs into existence. Everything prior to this was just preparation, and this is the consummation.

    erinreeve.wordpress.org could be considered just one of many shrines to blogism. As with other places of worship, it is a venue for people to gather together, provide social support, etc. but ultimately this is all for the greater glory of the blogosphere.


    1. Ha – the meaning of life is to provide material to blog about. I actually kind of like that. Also, this totally makes me feel better about just spewing random nonsense (at least that’s how it feels) at my blog and calling them entries.


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