the good and the bad: a list

good things that have happened today!
-I haven’t been very headache-y

-the health inspector came and we got a 97!!!!! that’s a NINETY SEVEN! no criticals! he only found 3 things wrong!

-I called around to see what the protocol is for getting married at the county clerk office and at the courthouse. basically, if you do it at the county clerk’s, it’s only an option on Fridays from 8:30 to 11, and they charge a $40 fee on top of the (approximately) $100 to get the marriage license. if you do it at the courthouse, you have to make an appointment but the judge only asks that everyone make a donation to charity — no extra fee. it does, however, require driving downtown.

-I just ate a leftover piece of pizza which was amazing and makes me want pizza for dinner.

bad things that have happened today.
-I have to work out. even though I like being alive and healthy, I don’t like working out one little bit. or eating right, for that matter. hmph.

-the kitchen is a mess. this is not actually a bad thing that has happened to me, so maybe I should phrase it more like… I have to clean up the kitchen. (unless we have pizza for dinner! so maybe I should put this under the first category).

-I have a lot of reading to do for my class. this means that I’ll work out, then take a shower, then either clean the kitchen or try to talk Matt into having pizza, then read.

and, that’s all.