I’m currently working on a red crocheted cardigan. We’ll see how it turns out.

As far as school goes, I’m pretty much 100% going to graduate this semester, unless something unforeseen happens which keeps me from completing the class. But I just have to throw that in, just in case. You never know. I think I’m even registered for graduation… need to double-check that, but I mailed my intent to graduate form the other day, so I should be all set.

AND the class is going to be INTERESTING!!!

In other news, we’re buckling down to get this marriage reception stuff planned. We have a date and are about to get invitations printed. I bought a box of 50 invitations at Michael’s but am going to have to go back today to get some more because the names keep piling up! (Which is to say, I forgot about all Matt’s family in East Tennessee.) Katie came over yesterday and took some pictures, and I’m waiting on her to email them to me so that I can get the invitations printed and pictures copied at the same time.

AND today we’re going to go register at Williams-Sonoma and probably tomorrow at Target. Not to be too materialistic, but the wedding showers and registering for gifts was what I always looked forward to the most about getting married. Eh heh. 🙂 Mom suggested that we register at Williams-Sonoma, too… though I don’t really expect to get too much from there. Ah well, won’t hurt!

Mark (my GM) is about to go on his honeymoon… for 11 days. Which means that I’m really hoping I won’t have to work any doubles, because working 6am to 10pm really sucks.

Oh well. Matt’s about to get home though, so I’ll wrap up.