I still hate Lipscomb, but less. I also still LOVE the English department, especially Dr. Hearn and Dr. Reed.

I applied for a private student loan through Sallie Mae and was approved, so pending Lipscomb’s approval of the loan, I am officially taking my LAST CLASS at Lipscomb!!! How exciting! I did attend the first class, which was last Monday, even though I didn’t expect to be able to continue attending at that point. Everything came together yesterday (Friday), though, and I registered my car, got my parking decal, got a new student ID (the picture looks pretty bad, but at least I’ll be able to get student discounts again…heh), and stopped by Swang to say hello to Hearn and Reed and Mrs Tomberlin.

So it’s looking like I WILL have a degree by December, which is awesome. Dr. Reed gave me a “B” in the English Novel, which is also awesome.

That said, I really need to be reading for the class instead of blogging, so this will be brief. We’re starting the class by reading Original Revolution by John Howard Yoder. Can’t remember if I mentioned it or not, but the class will be studying Yoder’s theology. He was a “liberal” Mennonite (“liberal” in quotations because the word tends to be taboo these days) theologian and wrote a lot about Christian pacifism. The book seems quite interesting so far, and I’m sure the class will be too.

BTW, it seems that Matt had malaria. He has two days left of the antibiotic he’s been taking (doxycyline, I think) and is pretty much all better now. Which is excellent.

But enough, I need to go read. Just wanted to update. I’ll write more later, I’m sure….