I Hate Lipscomb, and Here’s Why!

It’s looking less and less like I’ll actually be able to graduate this semester, which makes me less hopeful about EVER graduating.

Here’s the deal. I finally was able to register for the class, and some student loan options finally came through. Sounding hopeful, right? Well, I realized today that in order to use any of the Stafford loans, it’s a federal law that you have to take at least 6 hours of classes. This would mean that I would have to accept about $6000 in extra loans AND take an additional completely unnecessary class. This also would bring my total student loans up to around $20,000 which is significantly more than I owe now. NOT COOL.

Option two is to make monthly payments. The lowest payment plan would be about $550/month with a deposit of over $1000. Sorry, but even if I was able to put my EdFinancial payments aside while taking this class, I still can’t afford $550/month unless we eat nothing but Ramen noodles and don’t buy anything.  At all.  Maybe gas.

Option three is to take out a personal loan, which of course would have a high interest rate. I could probably do that with Bank of America since I have a pretty good credit history with them… but I don’t really like that idea since it would mean taking out one more loan that’s not connected to any of my other loans, working it all out myself within one week, and having no money for the whole semester plus however long it takes to pay off the rest of it.

So. I hate all of my options. I don’t know what to do.

In other news, Matt is sick. He’s had a fever off and on for two weeks, plus he’ll get dizzy spells every now and then, and he’s tired a lot. The being tired thing isn’t too much different, except that lately he doesn’t ever want to do anything (whereas before, he just usually didn’t want to do anything). The fever got up to 103.2 on Saturday night, but seems to be getting better. He doesn’t have health insurance, or he would have gone to the doctor before now. Obviously we’re not married so he can’t use mine, and he can’t use his parents’. I’ve had a couple of people ask me if it’s mono…but he says that he’s already had mono. I seem to remember in the back of my mind hearing that there are a couple different strains that you can get, but I might just be making that up.

So the first issue has me frustrated, and the second just sad. I could go on about the Lipscomb stuff, by the way. It just doesn’t make ANY sense to me that I would have to pay $3000 to take a BIBLE class to get out of Bible PROBATION even though I already HAVE all the required hours in Bible!!!! It’s fucking probation!!! Isn’t there another way that I can get it cleared?!?! Why is the ONLY thing anyone cares about MONEY?!?!?

Okay, that felt good. I hate Lipscomb.

Now I’m going to go put on Car Talk and clean up. That will make me feel better.