In the course of 6 days (starting today), I have 4 days off.  This is awesome.  Of course, it’s because I just worked 10 days straight, but I made it through all that and have today and tomorrow off, then Friday, then Sunday.  It’ll be pretty sweet.  So far today hasn’t been too productive, but it hasn’t been altogether unproductive either.  I woke up when Matt left, made some breakfast, and pretty promptly went back to sleep about an hour after that.  Got up again around 10:30 or so, put in my contacts and applied a bit of makeup (mostly because it makes me a little depressed to think that the only time i wear makeup is at work), and got a couple of loads of laundry together.  Matt’s mom, who I suppose I should call Helen (as opposed to Mrs Ralston or Mom…), was home, and showed me a bunch of yarn and crochet projects she’s been working on.  While I did laundry.

After a while she went to lie down (she was only home because she left work early due to feeling a bit sickly), and I went to Old Navy.  They were having a store-wide 30% off sale, and it may surprise you that I only purchased 3 items — a skirt, and a swimsuit (top and bottom sold separately, unfortunately).  I actually like them all.  Plus the swim wear was on sale anyway.

The I went to Bath and Body Works, since it IS right next to the Old Navy and everything.  They were also having major sales, and I came away with lots of bath and body supplies.  I mean, they have awesome sales.  Plus, I saved $10 since my purchase was a little over $30 (and included 7 items).  Good stuff.

Now I’m home and downloading the Indigo Girls’ new CD from iTunes.  Today’s the release date… and it’s a live CD with a bunch of all their best songs from the years, which seem to be most of my favorite songs too.  Some of their albums tend to have like 4 good songs and the rest are just okay… but this one looks like it can’t be bad.  I mean, “Heartache For Everyone” is the first song.

After I get all that downloaded, I need to change the sheets and make some potato salad.  Matt will be home in about an hour, so I still have plenty of time.  Once he gets home we’ll work out a bit and then I’m not sure what.  I’ve been more … um, antsy, or bored lately.  Which isn’t much fun when Matt’s favorite things to do are stay home playing chess or his bass.  And I like being with him, so going to coffee shops and leaving him home isn’t all that fun, either….

On a different note, here’s a picture of Bitey stretched out in front of the fan.  He loves it.  And he loves us.  Not sure what he loves more.  Please disregard all the dirty clothing….

Pretty cute, huh?  He’s a little doll.  Right now he’s next to me, curled up inside the Old Navy bag.  Hm, let’s disconnect the phone for a second to take a picture….

What a cuteness.

BTW, this album is awesome so far.  If I get any blank CDs, I’ll burn you a copy, Katie.

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I'm a young, childless widow who is trying to figure out the best way to deal with the world in light of my late husband's suicide. It's harder than I ever imagined it would be, but somehow at the same time I am still alive and even happy sometimes.

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  1. What a doll, smush smush.

    It is gratifying to read about your shopping today, because I went to Target for some sunglasses (the sky is white-hot, out here), and came out with sunglasses (sale), a tank top (sale), and a new bra. New bra NOT on sale, but extremely awesome, being a dull purple, and a racerback, and new. I think I got my last new bra (which was a hand-me-down, so not technically new) two or three years ago. Am wearing bra and tank top at this very moment. Feeling very gratified.


  2. Kitties with white faces and black around their noses are sooo cute. They always look like they’re making a face.


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