Just sayin’.

I hate it when people post their political opinions as status updates on Facebook. I don’t do that, do I? I fight the urge, and generally end up posting a blog instead.

But someone (who I subsequently “hid”) voiced his opinion that Obama basically has no right to dismiss McChrystal and that it’s a violation of freedom of speech.

That’s bs! Obama is THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF. This means that all of his generals had BETTER watch what they’re saying as long as they’re collecting a paycheck from Obama for fighting under his command!!! It’s absolutely not a violation of freedom of speech for him to be dismissed, and anyway, he wasn’t dismissed. He RESIGNED.

I remember Mom telling us that even if we don’t agree with what the President of the United States says, we need to respect him/her (you know, just to be fair and hope that we have a female President someday) because they are the President of our country. I think she said this while Clinton was in office. If that goes for your regular citizen (which some people would debate, I know — though it says in the Bible… one of the Corinthians… that you’d better be respectful of the governing authorities because it’s God who has put them in command), then it DEFINITELY applies to the generals in the US Army.

Just sayin’. I would have liked to post all that on Facebook, but, well, it’s the wrong medium. And I wish other people would keep their political opinions in their appropriate places. Thank you.