Stupid delayed gratification.

Bought a new bra today because I had a “free panties” card from Victoria’s Secret with $10 off of any purchase. I got one of the ones that are never in the semi-annual sale and paid about $38 for it (including tax), which was a pretty decent price. Ever since being criticized for only owning one bra, I’ve made sure to own several.

I bought leeks, bay leaves, pearl onions, and lemons at Kroger today. Going to Aldi’s for the essentials since they’re SO much cheaper than any of the other grocery stores. Also stopped in at B&C for some bread and tea, and was going to get a sandwich but the line was too long. This is the Green Hills store, mind you. I don’t know why anyone goes there ever (unless it’s the middle of the afternoon when no one’s there) because the lines are so confusing and the store is so small and cramped.

Anyway. Then I came home and cleaned up. Still need to clean the litter boxes and give Varmy some food, but she still has a little bit. Poor Bitey didn’t have any when I got home, though I don’t feel too bad since he’s obviously not starving.

Going to work out when Matt gets home. Probably try to do some cardio because I think I’m gaining weight … maybe. At any rate, I’m certainly not losing any. Really need to start doing cardio every day … lack motivation, though. Matt’s been doing a bad job of making me stick to it, too; he’ll either go running or let me talk him into not doing anything at all. I guess I can’t blame it on him since it’s my fault, but you know. Stupid delayed gratification.

So now I’m reclined on the (newly-made) bed, waiting for him to get home. Not sure what I’ll make for dinner since none of the ingredients I listed above are for any particular recipe. There’s one recipe that calls for leeks and fennel, but I didn’t see any fennel at Kroger. I might have just missed it. I wonder if you can substitute something else? Onions or something? That recipe also calls for white wine… maybe I can talk Matt into buying some Yellow Tail or something. All this cooking might happen tomorrow since I’m feeling a little unmotivated currently, and anticipate wanting to cook even less after working out. We’ll see. At any rate, Katie — you should definitely expect an invitation. Maybe tomorrow night. Probably.

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I'm a young, childless widow who is trying to figure out the best way to deal with the world in light of my late husband's suicide. It's harder than I ever imagined it would be, but somehow at the same time I am still alive and even happy sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Stupid delayed gratification.”

  1. I’m in for tomorrow night! Maybe we could do a workout too…maybe. I have to keep going to stay motivated. Whenever I lay down for just one minute, suddenly THREE hours have gone by! Clay and I have decided to make a two week menu because we always buy delicious fresh ingredients (like the ones you bought) but they inevitably go to waste because we opt for something easier to make. eh.


  2. I saw a good way to wash leeks on TV the other day. The lady sliced them, then put them in a big bowl of water. She tossed them a little with her hands, then left them alone so the grit could drop away and settle at the bottom. Maybe you know this trick already. I, who have used leeks once in my life, did not.


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