I need to not go to bed so early when I have the next day off…

It’s 6:50am. I’ve been awake since, oh, about 5:00, which is when Matt had to get up for work. I probably wouldn’t still be so wide awake if I hadn’t accidentally thrown away his pay check from last week while cleaning up the house a couple of days ago. Yep, it was still in the envelope and sitting on the dresser. For some reason, I assumed that he’d already taken the check out, so I tossed the envelope. I had to brave the cold air this morning (not to mention all the coffee grounds and cat litter) so that I could dig through the trash to find it. But it wasn’t that hard to find, for which I was very thankful. That definitely woke me up. After he left, I checked Hulu and found a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy (heh), which I then watched in its entirety. And now I’m still in bed, enjoying the sunshine and blue sky from the comfort of my bathroom, two blankets, and a heater. Ahhh. Should I go back to sleep? Or should I get up and start doing things?

Today, I’m going to dye my hair and take a shower for sure. Also need to wash the dishes and do some tidying up. Other than that, I don’t know what else I’m going to do. Matt’s going to be leaving work early so that he can go by the office and put in his notice (!!!), and deposit his paychecks. I think he’ll be coming home after all that! That means the possibility of doing some laundry, and/or maybe going to see a movie. We both wanted to see Shutter Island….

YESTERDAY was productive. I dropped off my rent check (which I had forgotten to mail somehow), cashed a check from Kelli’s aunt/uncle, bought flea medicine and cat treats and a laser (which seems to just confound Calliope and Varmy, though Bitey is more intrigued by it), and bought some necessities at Target. Oh, and they had the 20th season of the Simpsons on sale for $19.99 (it’s normally $39.99), so of course I had to buy that as well. (Incidentally, this means that I now own seasons 2 through 12 and season 20; they haven’t released any of the others yet, except for season 1 which I’m not that interested in owning). Definitely an addict.

Anyway, what was I saying? Yesterday. After stopping at Pet Smart, I went to my new optometrist where I had an eye exam and got a new pair of contacts. My prescription hasn’t changed since my last exam, which was in 2007. This is awesome, since it had changed a lot between the 2007 exam and the one before that one. I sure do like not having my vision framed by glasses! I have okay vision insurance from B&C, which is the only reason I decided to go, since my glasses are holding up fine. Good thing I bought a good brand, I guess.

After that, I had lunch with Anna Laura at Jackson’s. She was in town to sing in an Early Music Consort Concert. That’s not what it’s called anymore, but I like saying “consort” and “concert” back-to-back. So we ate and had a good time. The weather was lovely and I didn’t have an accident trying to park my (well, Matt’s) car behind Fido. After lunch, I came home and took a lovely nap, as I already told you in my previous blog. All things considered, it was a good day.

So. Now I think I might go back to sleep, since it’s only after 7 now anyway. Most people don’t wake up at 5am on their days off. I wish I had some patio furniture so that I could make myself some coffee and go sit outside…. Meant to buy some all last year, but we didn’t have any money last summer, as I recall. For some reason, we have plenty right now. I think it’s all the staying in that we do. Plus, as I was telling L yesterday, I haven’t bought a new pair of shoes in probably two years. Pretty incredible, I know. Damn shoes just won’t fall apart!

BTW, I’m reading Wise Blood. I’m about half-way through and can’t believe I forgot how much I like Southern lit. Just saying.


I’ve had a pretty good day. I’ll probably describe it later, since Matt’s about to get home and will want to check all of his chess games/Paul Krugman blog/etc. I just realized that it’d been a while since I wrote anything, and I’m trying to blog regularly (which is purposefully vague, I have to admit). The day has been so nice and sunny, and I’ve spent the majority of the afternoon in bed napping/listening to last week’s Prairie Home Companion/reading Wise Blood. (Sorry I didn’t answer your phone call, Katie — I was asleep!)

Just so you know

I really love my family a lot. I had a dream last night that we moved far away and it was really sad. I woke up in the middle of the night (probably because I had to pee, but still) and felt so sad! So, I love my family. So much. I wish I lived closer, though Matt’s probably getting a new job in McEwan which is an hour west of Nashville. Still, that’s an awful lot closer to Knoxville than Alaska is….

in which I describe my Saturday morning off

So Matt’s been having to work on Saturdays lately, which means that I’ve been by myself all morning. I’ve been doing such a good job of keeping the house clean lately that there wasn’t much cleaning that needed to be done today. After convincing myself to get out of bed, I showered and made some coffee, then walked up to the mailbox to get the paper. Didn’t spend too much time reading it, but did see an article about a pastor who’s using MMA to evangelize, which totally gives me the creeps. Ever since Matt made the comparison to ancient Rome and all their blood sports, the “sport” by itself gives me the creeps… not to mention using it for evangelism. That doesn’t even make sense to me.

But anyway. I cleaned the litter boxes, food and water dishes, and the bathroom. Well, I cleaned 50% of the bathroom. Also made the bed, swept the floors, and washed the dishes. None of this took too long since, like I said, I’m much better at cleaning up after myself. It’s a paradox that I don’t even understand; I’m so much happier when everything around me is clean and I hate clutter, but most people think of me as being very messy. I feel more comfortable living with Matt than living with other girls, maybe. He doesn’t care how I decorate the house or where I put the dirty towels, or that I prefer to use dish clothes over sponges. He’s almost messier than I am now. I’ve changed a lot.

So yeah, after cleaning all that, I wrote some checks and paid a bunch of bills. It’s always so satisfying to pay bills and not feel stressed out afterwards because I don’t have any money left. I mean, there’s not a ton left, but it’s sufficient. I might even go to World Market after Matt gets home to look at the sale they’re having on wall hangings. I could use something to go above the bed.

Sorry for the rambling post. But not that sorry!

Did I tell everyone that we’re hooked on Lost now? Yeah, we’ve made it through season 1 and are on episode 4 or 5 of the next season. Hulu has ALL the episodes, and will until 12/31 I believe. On a related note, we went to pick up the laptop yesterday (ethernet port had stopped working; it was still in warranty; we dropped it off several days ago to get it fixed), and ended up buying some laptop speakers to go with it. They’re actually pretty decent speakers and help a lot with watching Hulu (specifically, Lost). I know you were dying to know, so now you do.

So you can see how clean it is….

just fyi,

I’ve met/seen the following people at B&C.
Martina McBride, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Eddie George, George Lindsay, Jeff Fisher, Nick Lachey, Demetria Kalidemos, Gillian Welch…and the guy who wrote ‘867-5309 Jenny’ comes in every day for lunch. I just thought it was kinda weird.

actually going out tonight….

I’m drinking a White Russian to gear up for RJD2 at Exit/In tonight. Who is RJD2? I’m not 100% sure…but Matt and his friend Dawn like him, and apparently I might too. Doesn’t really seem like my thing, which should partially explain the White Russian. We’ll see how it goes…. I’ve never been to Exit/In at all, though I can say that I know exactly where it is.

funny story about clothes

at least, I thought it was funny. I bought some pajama pants at Target a couple of weeks ago. I grabbed the XL hanger because, well, pajama pants are for being comfortable, right? when I tried them on (immediately after getting home), they were very very snug. I didn’t pop any seams or anything, but I did pop the top button off eventually … eh heh. two days ago we were at Target again, and I found another pair of pajama pants on sale for $5 (more like $4.98) and looked for the biggest size they had, since XL is too small for me. this is irrelevant to the story, but the XXL was $9.98 which I can only conclude was an error since the rest of them were $4.98. not one to ask unnecessary questions, I pulled out the XL and, surprised to see that it looked much larger than my other pair, ended up buying it. sorry about all the commas in that sentence. anyway, as I was checking my first pair of pants to see if they were the same brand as the pair I had just purchased, I see for the first time that they’re a S.

this is not the first time I’ve burned myself by not checking the size inside the object of clothing before I buy it. you would think I’d have learned the lesson by now. at least I don’t feel as fat as I did before!


this is what I’ve done so far this morning. I watched Intervention. I ate eggs, toast, tomatoes, and some granola for breakfast. then I watched Hell’s Kitchen. all of this from bed, mind you (except for cooking the eggs). I still don’t really feel like getting up yet; it’s so white and quiet outside, and so warm in here! I do need to walk up to the mailbox because I think my w-2 will be in there … but like I said, it’s so warm in here.

I also ought to take a shower and start cleaning the house. and feeding the cats.

Good thing I have health insurance already.

I just want to say.  I do NOT understand what the big deal is about this health care bill and the public health option.  I don’t mind paying more in taxes if it means having a public health option.  I can’t but conclude that it comes to this — the decision-makers in DC have never been in a situation where they do not have health insurance.  Because I have, and if the McCoys hadn’t paid my medical bills then I would definitely still be paying them now.  I know people who have substantial debt because they don’t/didn’t have health insurance.  It sucks, for real!

Seriously.  What is the issue here?

New Blog!

I hereby resolve  to start blogging again this year.  I know it’s a little late to call it a New Year’s Resolution, being the 26th of January already, but that works for me because I never keep the resolutions I make for New Years anyway.  I’m starting a new blog because 1) I don’ t keep in touch with my family or friends enough (I’m sorry), and 2) because I need to be writing again on a much more regular basis.

Also, blogging with be much easier this time around!  Let me explain.  The story begins a couple of weeks ago when Matt and I came home from work to water pouring through the light fixtures in the kitchen, bathroom, and TV room.  If you remember, this also happened last year.  Ironically or not, after the plumber and landlord came out and got everything fixed as well as they could, they discovered that the pipe that froze and broke was the one that was replaced last year!  Ridiculous, I know.  So far it hasn’t happened again this year….

But anyway, the only big thing ruined by the water (besides food and toilet paper) was my old Dell.  It was just as well really.  We had been talking about getting a new computer for a long time, but as long as the Dell still worked we were going to try to save for a car first.  Well, the computer got bumped up.  And let me tell you how vast the difference between the two computers is.  It still astonishes me.  My old computer was from back when I took Organic Chem at Pellissippi State … which would have been 2003?  It was SO old.  And it had SO many viruses on it.  We use Clearwire (recommend it too) for internet, and occasionally they would block our internet access because of excessive spam being sent from somewhere in the depths of the computer (system 32, I believe).  On top of that, the computer was SO SLOW.  I mean, from the time you turned it on to the time you’re able to enter the URL you wanted, it was probably 10 minutes.  I’m not even kidding.

So we bought a refurbished MacBook for $600 — $50 off because the screen is scratched.  Oh–another thing about my old Dell.  It had multiple lines running vertically through the screen, lines that were caused by damage to the screen and that would only get worse.  This computer has nothing running through the screen!  It makes watching TV and movies so much better!  

Anyway.  All that to say that I have a new computer which connects quickly to the internet and which I’m able to carry around with me to coffee shops and such.  

Right now it’s almost 9am on Tuesday.  Matt’s asleep in bed because he’s sick — I think it’s just a cold or a sinus infection or something.  Whatever it is, I gave it to him, but I didn’t get this sick at all.  I had a sore throat and a cough (still have the cough) for 3 days or so, but never really felt sick.  Today’s the second day poor Matt’s called out of work, though.  I would feel worse except that he doesn’t seem too miserable….