Dollhouse update

I feel like I’ve been posting FAR too many dollhouse pictures on Instagram, so am giving it a break to blog a bit!

Everything’s coming along nicely. I currently am half-way through painting the exterior trim, and am almost done with the floor on the lower storey. This is a picture from two days ago; I added a second coat of the stain yesterday and am going to put the polyurethane coat on soon (probably the weekend as we have Billy Collins plans tonight and symphony plans tomorrow…).

floor I made a little cushion for the window box too – omg I love that color of green so much.

Yesterday, I worked up a little prototype of the bookshelves that I want to line one of the upstairs rooms with. I was at work and had no glue, so used tape …

dollhouse - shelf prototype

It turned out so well (I mean, the design, not the execution) that I measured and cut new popsicle sticks for a legit shelf that I put together once I got home. A quick note first – I found some printable 1:12 “leather bound” books on some miniatures website yesterday and threw these “books” together – aren’t they the cutest thing?!

dollhouse - books

Anyway. So yesterday when I got home, I stained the wood for the shelf and then glued it together. It’s PERFECT. OMG it is the cutest thing I have EVER made.

dollhouse - bookshelf

Sooooo pretty. I’m going to make like several more too, and some half size cases. And probably some odd-sized ones too to fit into the little nooks upstairs. Not explaining well but will post pictures whenever I actually make it that far. I haven’t done any work on the upstairs yet so still have a ways to go…..

This is what the house currently looks like. Can’t wait to remove the tape to see how it REALLY looks…..

dollhouse - what a mess