We’re both getting new phones.  Stephen’s camera had stopped working, and his battery would die basically any time and without warning.  My battery is getting to that stage too, and I’ve had this phone for probably 2.5 – 3 years, so figured it was time for a change.

So I ordered this amazing cover for it (which hasn’t delivered yet, and doesn’t look exactly like the picture because I neglected to take a screen shot of the website before placing my order, and these are custom covers).  I’m sorta more excited about the cover than I am about the phone!

Anyway.  Stephen tried to pick up his phone yesterday but they were having issues connected it to his AT&T account…and so I’ve just been remembering how much easier getting a new phone used to be.  Like, all you’d do is take your SIM card out of your old phone and put it in the new phone.  And bam.  Now though, after you activate the phone, you have to plug it up to iTunes and get it to sync…which, come to think of it, might be easy for people with newer computers and newer versions if iTunes.  Maybe that’s my problem.  I don’t remember what version I currently have, but it’s not the newest.  And it can be sort of a pain to update because my computer (a PC) isn’t really super fond of iTunes.

BUT whatever, like I said, I’m mostly excited about the case.

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I'm a young, childless widow who is trying to figure out the best way to deal with the world in light of my late husband's suicide. It's harder than I ever imagined it would be, but somehow at the same time I am still alive and even happy sometimes.

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