Getting there!


We are 98% moved in.  Stephen is turning in his house keys today, and I have to turn mine in on next Tuesday.  I still need to schedule for my water/electricity to be cancelled that day, too.

I took the last two days off to focus on unpacking and cleaning up Stephen’s house (which we knocked out yesterday).  In the new house, the bedroom and kitchen are mostly unpacked, the bathroom is totally unpacked, Stephen’s office is getting there, and the living room is half-way live-in-able.  The library hasn’t been touched yet, unfortunately….

Tonight we’re going to see a play, which is cool, but I would really like to be able to just focus on unpacking more!!  And this weekend, Stephen’s sister is coming to visit, so I’m sure she’ll be ok with helping clean up my old house, but I don’t want to spend all weekend unpacking if she’s here.  Sooooooooooo.  It’ll come together, next week.