I had a mini break-down last night after trying on like every dress that I own and hating them all.  So TODAY, because I need more discipline in my not-at-work free time, I’m going to do the following.

  • Clean the kitchen
  • Go grocery shopping OR exercise (because I don’t realistically see both happening as long as I have other stuff to do, as well)
  • Dust
  • Wash my dirty laundry
  • Actually hang up my dresses
  • Iron clothes that I will like better if they are ironed
  • Change my sheets if I’m feeling energetic, but this isn’t a priority as I just recently changed them

Not time for my big comforter yet right?  Hm, I might get it out anyway, since it’s been getting into the 50’s lately, and I do love it.  Stephen says it’s too heavy but, I mean, there are ways to work around that.  (Like keeping the floor clean so I don’t feel bad about kicking it off of the bed.)

And after I finish all this, I’ll probably read.  I finished the Elizabeth McCracken book last night (OMG SOOO GOOD) and the reason I was despairing yesterday of wearing clothes again was because we went to see Jonathan Franzen speak at Vanderbilt, so I have his new book to read now.  Or, hell, I might reward my good behavior with some Skyrim.  We’ll see.

Anyway.  Starting my day off with lists at least puts me into the right mindset.  Now I just need for it to last until 5:00pm.