Quilt, continued

Got some sheer fabric yesterday and tried again.

quilt 1 quilt 2 quilt 3

1) I really like the clouds.  The free motion stitching was WAY easier than I’d been imagining, and so was painting the fabric.  I need a darker shade of the blue and maybe a different color – more sky blue, less cobalt.  But regardless – I’m happy with my first try!

2) Obviously I need to use a darker thread when stitching in the blue and purple hills.  Oops.

3) The whole thing is crooked, which I don’t mind since this was purely for practice, but next time!

I think this will be a helpful technique in doing the Yonder quilt, though I might end up putting that one off for a bit until I can learn more.  I found this book called Lovely Landscape Quilts that’s about $20 on Amazon and at Parnassus (which…I need to not be buying books from Amazon…) so I might end up getting that book.  I’m sure it’d be helpful.

I’m not totally blowing off the leather stuff….one of the sales reps at work asked me to make him a saddle bag-style laptop case and I quoted him $175, so I’m going to work on that over the weekend.  But I’m way more excited about the quilt.  And also wish I could stay home all day and just make things.  Bah.

I can’t remember if I mentioned – but the FIRST quilt I’m doing is going to be for Stephen’s bed.  I’m not a huge fan of his current bedspread (which obviously is nothing personal)…it’s just very generic, and, uh, yeah.