Ginkgo Purse

First of all, this is my newest purse.  I LOVE it, and made it with myself in mind….but am listing it on Etsy instead.  I just got some new veg tan (which is less suede-like and more stiff) which I think I might use to make myself one of these – because the ginkgo leaves turned out just so well, and I really love it.

gingko detail gingko full 2 gingko purse 2 gingko purse ginkgo full

So this is one thing I did over the weekend.  On Sunday, we went to the craft fair at Centennial Park (which is NOT called TACA anymore, but I’m afraid I can’t remember what it’s now called — so we went to the craft fair that is not called TACA).  We both ended up buying these gorgeous wood-turned pens from the same vendor, who was selling them for a pretty reasonable price (comparatively, anyway).  Stephen’s works fine, but the ink cartridge that came in mine seems to be dried out already so I might be making a pit stop to Target…..

Anyway, also got these adorable terra cotta herb garden markers, so here is a picture of my “herb garden” this year.  They may be in pots — but they are flourishing!!  The parsley IS looking a tad yellow, I know, but I wasn’t home all weekend so it hasn’t been getting much attention.  The basil is really taking off – I’m excited about all this fresh basil, especially since the fresh veggies from the summer CSA should be coming in soon!


One more picture.  This was my lunch today (er, half of it).  Sourdough bread, turkey, brie, greens, tomatoes, pesto mayo, and garlic aioli — with my little cast iron panini press.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SANDWICH!!!!!