this is turning into self-promotion central

though, really, isn’t that what this blog has always been?

I have listed 3 new pieces in the last 2 days, and one of them sold after being up for about 2 hours.  It was a Skyrim apothecary’s satchel that I’d made a few months ago and then rejected in disgust as it was rather off-center.  See figure 1.

satchel askew open

fig. 1

Anyway, I listed it for $20, which is apparently far too cheap for even an askew-apothecary’s satchel.

Other two items listed were oak leaf purses.  One of them is significantly less expensive than the other, because I almost rejected it in disgust as well, after mucking up the dyeing job (fig. 2).  Gah.  I loved this purse and then had to go try to dye it.  I had added oil to my leather dye because it was turning solid (BAD IDEA — will add alcohol if anything in the future) and it basically went on all splotchy, because of that and also because I didn’t apply with a wet rag.  Oh well, live and learn.  I made another similar bag last night, out of a thick veg tan that has a soft, suede-like surface (fig. 3).  Very pretty.  I sort of want to keep it.  Might make myself one that’s larger and will hold a couple of books.

oak purse front tan oak 2

(fig 2.)                                                                           (fig. 3)

Anyway, so yeah, there you have it.

It’s been a tolerably good week so far, though I am awfully glad that it’s Friday.  We’re going to see the Grand Budapest Hotel at the Belcourt tonight – I’m pretty sure that it might be the first Wes Anderson movie I’ve actually seen in a theater.  (Unless — Anna Laura/Carla, did we see Darjeeling Limited together?  or am I thinking of the Terminal?)  Not sure what else will happen this weekend, other than sleeping in.  It’s supposed to be partly cloudy/partly sunny all weekend, and cold, so possibly a hike…or possibly reading…or…..we’ll see.