To-do list

  • Reorganize jewelry.  I’m thinking either find a cool tree branch to use as a hanger, or possibly dig out that shadow box and re-purpose it (or both?).
  • Clean my kitchen.  Purge/organize.  Start Goodwill box.
  • Clean the bathroom, for heavens sake.  This room could also stand some reorganization….
  • After taking down Christmas decorations, decide if I want to move the love seat back into the living room and move the chair back to the library.  Would free up some room in the library and create more seats in living room.
  • Get back door fixed.
  • Make flask covers for myself and Stephen (should have done this in time for NYE eh?)

Tomorrow, I’m off.  I’m thinking of ways to comfortably spend the day outside, reading.  Hm.  I guess I have a fire pit in my back yard, but the door is broken ATM and the back yard looks trashy anyway.  (I cannot wait for Ryan to get his stuff moved out.  You don’t even know.)  I have visions of Percy Warner and lots of warm blankets.  Don’t know how well this would work, though.  Might just hit up a coffee shop with cozy chairs – like JJ’s or something.  Wonder how busy coffee shops will be on New Year’s Day, or if they’ll even be open?  OK, so I could just stay home and make myself coffee.  Hm.  I wonder if Stephen would be up for being mobile.  He’s feeling better but still coughing a lot and doesn’t have much energy.

(Oh good news!  My landlord is having a contractor come to look at my back door, so I probably will not have to get it fixed myself.  How nice!)

(Oh and more good news!  We’re probably going to be closing at 3:00 again today!  Yay for holidays!)

Although I will say that my introvert is not looking forward to going out tonight.  I’m not a fan of staying up past midnight unless I’m engrossed in something that has made me forget to check the time; I’m going to a party tonight where Stephen will be the only person I know, and I’m trying not to dread it.  Not working too awfully well at the moment.  This is why I mentioned flasks earlier.  Will gird myself with courage later.