Had an amazing weekend – I pretty much loved every minute of it.

Friday ended up being an extremely slow day at work, so I mostly sat around trying to practice portrait-drawing.  If you’re unfamiliar with this type of drawing, let me just tell you that it is entirely dependent on getting shapes and proportions correct, and if you make a nose even a tad too big, the face will look like a distant cousin of the person you’re trying to draw.  It’s not easy to get those proportions correct, so practicing (with an eraser…) can be beneficial and gratifying.  Was fairly happy with the way these turned out (except I realize that the one on the left is kinda cross-eyed)….


Anyway, it was fun.  After work I went to hang out with Mar, whom I see infrequently these days.  We drank wine and ate cheese and talked about life — it was a lot of fun.

On Saturday, Katie came into Nashville and we went to get lunch and coffee at Cafe Coco, then walked over to Centennial Park for TACA (which is now called Tennessee Craft…..whatever).  I got these gorgeous earrings and ran into a couple of friends.  It was warm outside but pleasant enough in the shade.  Had a good time.  Then we made a pit stop at my house and went on to Percy Warner where we mainly drove around looking for that one field near Old Hickory, and once we found it we spread out a quilt and sat, or lied down, or read, or talked, or whatever.  I brought my quilt to sew, but didn’t end up getting much work done.  Which was perfectly fine with me.

Katie went home after, and I cleaned the house a little, took a shower, etc.  Stephen got home that evening so I went over to see him, which was also great.  We ended up going to Fido on Sunday morning, which he does every Sunday if he can — he takes a book of poetry and braves the line which usually doubles back around the front counter… and apparently if you’re lucky, some days it goes out the front door.  Nearly as bad as Pancake Pantry!  But anyway – the company was good and we had books so I didn’t mind.  After, went back to TACA again, because I would go all three days if it was feasible and I could control my spending compulsions.  I bought a pie dish that I’d picked up and loved on Saturday but didn’t feel good buying as I’d already spent money on the earrings.  (Sunday was a new day though….)  After TACA, went to the Brewhouse for a couple of beers and then back to his house where he made pork chops and artichokes, with a dipping sauce consisting of mayonnaise, butter, herbs, lime juice, hot sauce, etc etc etc — basically it was amazing.  And went perfectly with the pork and the artichokes, and the cheese.  And wine.  Watched the Simpsons season premiere with dinner, which was probably pretty funny but honestly I think I was mostly focused on food at that point…….

Anyway, it was an absolutely lovely weekend.  I am SO glad that it’s fall now, and so excited about seeing more and more colors in the trees.  Oh Fall, how I love you.

Today has been a very average Monday.  I was pretty groggy this morning and am still yawning, actually, but I’m awake.  Also – am excited about tomorrow; we have tickets to see Chris Thile and Edgar Meyer play at …I think the Blair school of music or something.  I’ve been listening to their new CD, Bass and Mandolin, and I think it’s just fantastic.