standard entry, not very exciting

Obviously, I haven’t been writing enough lately. Sorry. This week has been another of those overly social ones, where I spend time with people every evening and then remember after a few days that the reason I feel dreadful is because I’m introverted and need a break. So that’s what I did last night. Stopped by Fat Mo’s after work for dinner, which I ate in bed while watching Grand Budapest Hotel. OMG it was such a good movie. After I finished that I wanted to stay in bed watching Wes Anderson movies for the rest of my life, so I put in the Darjeeling Limited. Also such a good movie. But after finishing that one I just went to sleep. Maybe more tonight.

Another consequence of being social during the week is that my lawn is, yet again, rather overgrown. Going to mow tonight, blah. Also going to clean my kitchen and bathroom, which always seem to be dirty somehow. (The magic of entropy!)

Lately I’m trying to curb my irresponsible spending habits which means not buying new clothes. I’m re-remembering that this is a not-any-fun habit to break. Even if I manage to avoid going to Target for a few months (thankfully, Publix sells everything I NEED from Target and nothing that I just want — e.g. clothes and shoes and DVDs and the like) — there’s always internet shopping. Plus I’m in a wedding here in a few weeks and have been shopping around for a dress, with no luck. Well….I shouldn’t say NO luck. I did find this really adorable sun dress that’s way too casual for a wedding (if you’re in it) and the wrong color anyway – but I went and bought it regardless. It’s SO adorable. Wish I was wearing it today! I think it’s too casual for work too though.

I’m going to see Elvis Costello at the Ryman tomorrow BTW. 😀

I think that I need to be reading more poetry.

I also am thinking about putting all of Joel’s stuff (which is currently scattered all over the floor of my library) into trash bags and stowing them in the closet so that I can actually use that room again. I mean hell, as long as he’s not renting it or anything, why not? I really miss that room!!!

Anyway. There’s your update. Back to work now. Good thing it’s Friday.