Stuff and stuff.

– This is my first week doing sales stuff at work.
– I hate learning new jobs and feeling insecure because I don’t know what I’m doing or feel comfortable doing it.
– I do feel more comfortable than I did on Monday though, that’s for sure.
– Got my own direct phone line yesterday at work, heh.
– It’s good to have reason to remember that change is good for you, right? Especially when that reason involves bonuses based on how easily you can adapt to the new situation.
– Ryan is having to deal with some health issues. I’m not going to say anything else here except maybe reference to my above point about change being good for you.
– I have been missing Matt this week. It comes and goes. He got a notice from some pensioner’s fund associated with Vanderbilt, and the same day I got a reminder than the warranty on my car is expiring. Both pieces of mail mainly served to remind me that I’m alone.
– But I’m less alone than some people. I do have friends. Which is good.