And now, for something completely different….

By which, I mean that I saw Spamalot twice this weekend, and this post is going to be exactly the same as most of my Monday posts.

So this weekend was amazingly pleasant (for the most part), but the most productive thing that I did was cleaning the house on Saturday. I did not tackle the garage, but everything else is clean. OK…so I keep the living room and library and dining room clean on a regular basis. The bathroom gets a little messy, but I bought a new shower curtain to (I hope) help motivate me to keep it looking nice. The BEDroom is the room that is usually messy though; I have a horrible tendency to throw my clothes on the floor or dresser or wherever, rather than actually putting them where they’re supposed to go. So yesterday I put away all my clothes, dusted everything, swept, and even bleached my linen duvet set THEN IRONED THEM.

So yeah, clean house makes me feel so good that I don’t ever really want to leave it. So, heh, I didn’t until I had to go to work this morning.

M&M came over Saturday evening and we hung out a bit, and then after they left I decided to hook up the xbox to see if I could get it to work. It was a whim. Mar has mentioned that playing video games is better for you than sitting around watching non-interactive TV (which I do sometimes…) so I figured that as long as I already own an xbox and at least one game, I might as well see if I can use it. I had never used an xbox controller before, and had to google “LT” and “RT” because I hadn’t even noticed that there were buttons down there…. But anyway, once I figured out how to use the controller (and cleaned the disc drive so that it would actually read the CD), playing Skyrim has turned out to be loads of fun. Who’d have thought?!

My plan for this evening is to go home and straighten up the kitchen, then play more Skyrim. It was kind of scary how quickly time passed while I was playing – and i wouldn’t even notice until like two or three hours later. Geez. Heh. There’s SOOOOoooo much for me to figure out…Ryan came over yesterday and started a new player, and had skills within like 10 minutes that I haven’t even figured out after 10 hours. There’s plenty of time…..