Almost March??!

So I had to quit blogging for a while because the hard drive on our MacBook crashed (at least that seems to be the problem).  We went for a while without a computer…but do finally have one again (a PC this time, I’ll note).  

But don’t worry, you haven’t missed too much.  So I won’t catch you up and will instead tell you about yesterday when we had a mini Simpsons celebration to watch the 500th episode.  Did you know that only two other primetime, scripted series have aired more than 500 shows?  Those two are Lassie and Gunsmoke.  Just FYI.  

So after I got off work yesterday, we went to the store for sandwich fixin’s and some frogurt.  In case you don’t catch the huge sub sandwich reference, here’s a picture.

And here’s our sandwich.  Much shorter, but then, no sense in letting the mayonnaise turn.


It was delicious, too.  We also had Fresca.

Also from the Simpsons.

Naturally, there were some salty snacks and donuts.  Obviously, to make it complete we would have needed some cans of beer, but I wasn’t in the mood and Matt didn’t want to buy any either, but whatever.  We didn’t just eat, though; we played a few games of Simpsons Scene-It (Matt won all of the games) and watched some of season 3 before the show started at 7:00.  I think the episode last night had something to do with the Simpsons getting banished from Springfield, but I was getting a little tired of watching TV by that time and had started working a crossword. 

So that was that.  Right now I need to go clean up the kitchen and decide what to make for dinner, or else I would blog about the terrariums I made the other day.  They’re AWESOME.  But the kitchen is such a mess….