blogging to avoid doing housework

So it was 61 degrees in the house when I got home from work (going to have to start leaving the heat on during the day I guess), and it’s taken me FOREVER to warm up. Granted, an hour later it’s still 66 degrees, but I’m quite warm now after putting on a thick pull-over sweater underneath my fleece robe. I’m about to take off the sweater actually. This is why I can’t ever wear these things out – because in about 5 minutes, I overheat but can’t take it off since I anticipated being hot and only wore a cami underneath. I usually forget deodorant, too.

Anyway. So I’m throwing a Christmas party on Saturday, and am planning on going all out with the hors d’oeurves. Plus I’m going to make a “Birch de Noel” – Martha’s white chocolate take on the buche de noel. The picture was so cool-looking that I decided I’d rather make it than babka. I might still make babka. We’ll see.

But I’m being ridiculously detailed in my planning for this party. I made myself a timeline and a schedule (is that the same thing?) and a shopping list and all that. Even spent all of yesterday finishing this table runner —

Though not as pretty as the picture (if anyone cares, this is also one of Martha’s inspirations), it actually turned out a lot better than I anticipated.

Anyway, this afternoon – on the Party Schedule – I’m supposed to deep clean the house. At this point in the afternoon, I’m kind of seeing “deep clean” as meaning that I’ll clean the bathroom, do a couple of loads of laundry, wash the dishes, and probably sweep. That’s more like “normal clean,” but hey, I generally keep things fairly clean anyway… (I’m much better at housekeeping now).

So I’m watching/listening to A Christmas Carol since Matt hates Christmas movies. We spent way too much time the other day talking about whether George Bailey is a “common, everyday yokel” or not. (Really, the debate was about whether that movie is a parable or not…and whether the moral — no man who has friends is a failure or whatever it is — was actually true.) I think my argument should be obvious, though he did make a pretty good point at times. Good, if jaded. So you know.

I’m doing a fabulous job of not cleaning the house. Guess at least I should put a load of laundry in…