Christmas tree!!

I know it’s still November, but I kind of give myself permission to start decorating for Christmas once Thanksgiving is over.

SO! I bought a Christmas tree today. Matt’s in class all afternoon, but he is a self-proclaimed humbug and didn’t want to help with any of the setup or anything. We’re having a Christmas party and he’s insisting on building a Festivus pole. (Which is fine with me of course.)

So I went to Lowe’s and found a big Douglas Fir and bought it and everything all by myself (still kind of a big deal). The quiet, nice older man who trimmed it and wrapped it for me helped me get it in my little Kia trunk. I took a picture for effect. It’s a small car.

Ha!  Getting it out was the hard part, as you can probably imagine.  But I did get it in and set up, and it looks great!

The Charlie Brown tree that we used last year is in the dining room.  🙂