Hello again…!

Of a sudden, I’ve been inspired to revive the blog. Not exactly sure why, but it’s certainly about time. Like the title says, I’m not making any promises this time that I’ll actually keep up with the blogging, but one can always hope and try. I’ve become more disciplined about keeping the house clean and washing the dishes, so maybe I can make that translate to writing (and cooking dinner? and exercising? and cleaning the bathroom?).

I see that I haven’t blogged since Bloomsday. Which was a while ago. Not a whole lot has changed – for me, anyway. Matt has a snazzy new job at VUMC as a medical relamper. He gets awesome benefits, they’re sending him to electrician school, they’ll reimburse me 47% of my tuition anywhere, not to mention the vacation and sick days that he gets. Oh, and he got a raise. Pretty sweet deal. He’s enjoying it a lot more, too, I think.

In other news, we have a new kitten – I put pictures on Facebook though, so it’s really not new. We did decide to name him Vladimir and call him Vlad for short. He has very tiny razor-sharp claws and is a black tabby. Super cute but also potentially dangerous (and therefore the allusions to Vlad the Impaler and Putin). (Though – just to be clear – I’m not saying that Vlad the Impaler was super cute at all.)