Used books are my downfall

(among other things, of course)

So, I went on an organizing spree a couple of weeks ago, and found several books/DVDs that we don’t want or watch anymore. Yesterday we took them to McKay’s to see what kind of in-store credit we could get. Among these DVDs, I’ll add, were the first 4 seasons of Weeds which we liked initially … but it just started turning into a soap opera (Showtime? imagine!) and got to be a little too over-the-top. They were all in good condition though, so I figured we’d get something decent for them.

We ended up getting $83 in store credit!!!! It was awesome!!! So I got this Italian vegetables cookbook that I was going to get anyway, plus Best in Show, Reno 911 (season 4), and Sealab (season 4). The latter being purely Matt’s choice. But yeah, and there’s still over $30 left. Talk about making cleaning up gratifying!

I’m a sucker for cookbooks lately. Katie can bear witness. I did sell back a few of the ones that I don’t use … and a few of the ones that I used to use but don’t anymore now that we’re not buying meat. Which makes us, for all intents and purposes, pretty much vegetarians. I mean, we’ll still order meat when we go to restaurants sometimes, but we’re generally trying to keep it out of our diet. (Which means that I really need to stop eating bacon at work … or at least cut down to two days a week or something.) So, I’ve been buying vegetarian cookbooks lately since regular cookbooks only have vegetarian entree sections… which ends up being largely a waste of money. One thing I miss about meat, though, is all the Italian cooking. I mean, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken parmisiana, etc. This cookbook I got yesterday has a bunch of veggie takes on Italian food — lots of artichokes, olives, leeks, etc, with sauces using cream, lemons, capers, tomatoes, etc. The good ol’ Italian staples. I’m excited about trying them. Most of them look like they’d be awesome with some pasta and bread.

Perhaps I’ll remember to blog whenever I try some of the recipes. I’ll probably end up making one of them tomorrow. We’ll see.


Anyway. There wasn’t a whole lot left to say about the flooding. The biggest way we were affected is that our power went out for a while (apparently the power station down the road was sitting in a big pool of water; we tried driving down there to see it but the road was blocked off and it smelled awful) … and since one of the two water treatment plants here was damaged, we’ve had to conserve water. Like the rest of Nashville is supposed to be doing. Though, driving home from work today, I did see a guy watering his trees in his front lawn. Granted, they were obviously just planted and the sun’s been pretty unabashed the last few days, but still. I’ve been using rain water to water my plants.

The other reason the week has been interesting is just that because of the flooding, work has been super busy all week. Some people have been out of power, others probably out of clean dishes, and Monday and Tuesday most of the schools were out. So the whole week seemed like a big, long, under-staffed weekend. And today was Steeplechase. I’m actually off tomorrow, thank God (and we’re going to church, too). Next week had better be normal. I’m tired of being tired.

It’s pretty nice right now, though for some reason I’ve been in a bad mood all day. I feel much better now that I’m home, but still not great. Even though it’s gorgeous outside and my bedroom is quite lovely, and Matt’s dozing next to me. And Bitey’s next to him. I’d probably feel better if I took a bath, which I can’t do since we can’t use much water. Maybe just a sponge bath. At least then i won’t feel so sticky.

Tomorrow, after church, we’re going to TACA (the arts and crafts festival in Centennial Park) and it will be awesome. I missed the fall festival, I think, and just love going to these things. Too bad there won’t be much time for sleeping in….

It’s been a strange week so far.

I keep meaning to blog. It’s 9:15pm right now and I ought to be getting ready to go to sleep since both of us have to work in the early morning, but I’m not all that tired and I’m quite comfortable… so I’d rather forfeit a little sleep.

So, it rained a little over the weekend. Most everyone who reads this will already know that we were not very much affected; or at least none of our possessions were destroyed by rain and our house was not flooded. It’s a wonderful thing to live on top of a hill and to drive a car with all-wheel drive. I appreciate both things more now. I had to work both Saturday and Sunday AND Monday (okay, yesterday was my day off) and did have to do a little detouring due to flooding on Annex. The rain over the weekend was ridiculous too. I took White Bridge to work on Sunday because I was afraid Brook Hollow would be flooded (it was in only one spot), and the rain was coming down so hard that, I mean, it was scarier driving through that than it was through the flooded alley that I shouldn’t have driven through anyway. And it had rained like that all day Saturday and at least half the day Sunday. My mind is still pretty boggled that all this flooding came from rain. I mean, have you seen all the pictures? Ridiculous!

So yeah, we’re fine. I do know some people from work whose houses have been flooded and/or destroyed. None of my close friends had problems though.

Matt just turned off the light and wants me to stop blogging. So I guess I’ll continue this. Besides, one of the cats is making biscuits next to me and snagging me with his claws, and the other one is purposefully trying to bite my fingers and get me with his claws. Stupid playful kitties. Why can’t they just play with each other? Geez.