Good thing I have health insurance already.

I just want to say.  I do NOT understand what the big deal is about this health care bill and the public health option.  I don’t mind paying more in taxes if it means having a public health option.  I can’t but conclude that it comes to this — the decision-makers in DC have never been in a situation where they do not have health insurance.  Because I have, and if the McCoys hadn’t paid my medical bills then I would definitely still be paying them now.  I know people who have substantial debt because they don’t/didn’t have health insurance.  It sucks, for real!

Seriously.  What is the issue here?

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I'm a young, childless widow who is trying to figure out the best way to deal with the world in light of my late husband's suicide. It's harder than I ever imagined it would be, but somehow at the same time I am still alive and even happy sometimes.

3 thoughts on “Good thing I have health insurance already.”

  1. Of course, you know, I couldn’t agree more. I had 90% of my bills paid by a nonprofit (Interfaith) … my Dr. practically GAVE me the surgery (and every appointment thereafter) … and I still won’t pay mine off for years. and years. eff.


  2. I don’t know. A lot of my friends (who are ‘way more politically ept than I am) are against it. I think, not to be ugly or unkind, that most of them have health insurace. When you don’t have to be concerned about something (like paying huge medical bills), I think it makes you a little oblivious to things.

    All I know is that going from not being able to get/afford health insurance to having it is appealing to me. However, God has always given us what we have needed in this area. I am (usually) not worried about it. : )


  3. I was talking to Matt about something along these lines recently, and he just kind of pointed out that most people don’t consider things from other people’s points of view. This is something I see pretty much every day in Belle Meade, I have to say. I don’t want to be too hasty in drawing conclusions … but if people were more empathetic and less ego-centric… then I don’t think it would be as big of a deal. (Health care, that is.)


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