I realize that this is a short work week.  Tomorrow is Friday, not Thursday.


I’m tired.  And the news is making me more tired.  And I want to go hide at home and sew a quilt.

That’s all; I’m working on my first cup of coffee so am hoping that things look up from here!

Well, folks.  Here I am, blogging because I’m pretty bored and I’m daydreaming about starting this new quilt.

Have I blogged about this quilt yet?  Hmm….appears that I mentioned it but did not include a picture.

OK, so, I found a free pattern that makes this quilt –

quilt 2

Sorry it’s fuzzy.  Don’t really feel like fixing that right now.  You get the general idea.  This pattern is for a fairly small quilt though – it’s almost twin-sized.  I need it to be queen-sized, so I’m multiplying everything by 1.7.  This will make it approximately 86″ x 109″.  So far I have two fabrics that I’m going to use; the top one will be used everywhere you see a bright yellow in the original quilt, and the bottom one will probably be used instead of the strips of grey.

quilt 3

I think they’re both so pretty!!  I’m going to have to add extra rocks (9 rocks x 1.7 equals 15.3 rocks, but to make everything even and pretty I’m going to settle on an even 20 rocks).


It’s going to be great, and I really would like to be working on it right now.  I still need to get most of the fabric, though; I’ll need a few more shades of blue, green, and grey before I can really get started.  Going to try to get to Joann’s on Friday or Saturday and then start cutting and piecing this weekend.  I could start cutting some tonight actually…I need to go through my fabric stash but it’s possible that I might have enough blues.  Hm.

I’m leaning towards splurging on a nice linen (or at least a linen blend) fabric for the backing.  If this is going to be used (the goal is to be able to use it in the bedroom during the warmer months), I want to love it.  And linen always helps.

Sadly though, I still have a few more hours before I can go home for the day.  Oddly, it’s been fairly slow at work today… I’m perfectly fine with that except that it’s making me really really wish that I could be at home sewing!

Luckily (or unluckily), Stephen has a good amount of upcoming work which means he’ll be pretty busy for the foreseeable future, which will definitely afford me with plenty of sewing time.

I have to stop talking about this.  It’s making me want to take the rest of the afternoon off so that I can go to the fabric store right now.


New quilt, old projects, bored at work.

Yesterday I was feeling bored and uninspired, and it dawned on me that a new project would be a good thing to get me out of this little crafting rut I’ve been in.  I haven’t been completely uncreative lately; I did get some new coloring books and am having a good time coloring (anyone besides me always think of Sex and the City when they talk about coloring??).  But I’ve been feeling a tad guilty about being so lazy with Leatherings.  It’s been, oh, six months since i had anything listed on Etsy.  For a successful shop, that’s a long time.

But I still am sorta burned out on leather.  I mean, I’ll make stuff, but I’m not excited about it.

So I remembered that I’ve been talking about making a new quilt for a year or so and that i still have not started one.  I found a pattern (it’s a fairly plain background, with these appliqued stones on the front) and decided on a color theme.  I’m going to make the background blue/teal, and the stones will be mostly grey.  It sort of reminds me of Cummins Falls, or any place with rocks jutting out of the water.  Good quilt for Tennessee.  I’m feeling very positive about it.  I ordered some fabric yesterday, and will need more but think I’ll just go to Joann’s for the smaller pieces of blues and greys that i’m going to need.

But in the meantime.  I remembered that I still haven’t finished that crocheted motif throw that I started…oh, like three years ago.  Maybe four years.  I can’t even remember.  I had gotten so far as to sew about half of the motifs together (four years ago), and then I stopped.  I didn’t run out of yarn or anything — just motivation.

So yesterday, while Stephen worked on making a coozie for his Chemex coffee pot, I worked on sewing the rest of the motifs together.  I got about half-way finished (had to force the motivation because it seriously still was not there) and I plan on getting the rest done tonight.  Not sure if I’m going to block the whole thing again after I sew it all together and weave in the ends; I mean, I should, but I don’t have anything big enough to block it on.  Except the bed.  But blocking a large blanket on a bed gives me the creeps.  Makes me feel sorta damp and moldy.

I need to get a job in a fabric or yarn store.  Or get a job being a creative coach.  Or SOMETHING.  I get so excited about projects; I bet I could be good at passing along that excitement and getting people stirred up about making things.  Maybe I should be an art teacher.  Except, that’s probably a bad idea.  I sorta doubt I would enjoy that.  But who knows?  Hmmmmm.  I need more crafting buddies, too.  Maybe I should rent studio space somewhere.  If I had extra money.  Haha.  But how do I get more involved in the art community around here, or do I actually want to do that?  I’m not sure.




Ren Faire costume, last update

So!  We went to the Tennessee Renaissance Fair a few weeks ago, and I have forgotten to post pictures until now.  It was astonishingly and refreshingly cool the weekend that we went, which meant that I got to wear my cloak without getting hot.  I meant to take more pictures, but it was a lot more crowded this year than last year and I tend to get overwhelmed in crowds, so mainly just didn’t want to add an extra “thing” (taking pictures).  Not a good excuse, but whatever.  Most of these pictures below were taken right before we left, actually (except this one, which was taken at Castle Gwynn).


So!  Here is the costume.  I made the skirt out of sheets from Southern Thrift.  I made the brown dress part from a size 4XL dress I found, also at Southern Thrift; I cut it down the middle, hemmed both sides, added eyelets to the top, and took in the sides.  I made the cloak last year, of course.  I made the waist cincher from a roll of leather…cut my pieces, added eyelets, and then found a book of renaissance designs on archive.gov, printed one out, and traced it onto the leather.  I ended up stitching MOST of it, and then adding some gold highlights.  Also threw together a quick belt made of the same leather, for carrying around my pouch (made from deer skin leather), and the dagger and mug that I bought on-site.

renfaire detailrenfaire full tworenfaire full

SO!  I thought it turned out really well!!  And I would really like to be able to wear this in public without going to LARPing events.  Maybe we should start taking road trips to ren faires in nearby cities.  I hear Atlanta has a pretty great one, actually…..


I am SO CLOSE to being finished with this costume.  I’ve decided to just wear something sleeveless underneath the brown dress part (I’m sure there’s a more precise term for this), instead of doing a chemise or anything.  I cut out the leather for the waist cincher yesterday but realized that I don’t have enough eyelets to finish it — so I’ll need to get more of those before I can put lace in it and wear it like an actual garment.  But the pictures give you a pretty good idea of where it’s all headed.

I made the skirt out of two sheets from Southern Thrift, and the brown dress part is just a modified brown dress, also from Southern Thrift.  I just took it in some (it was huge), cut it straight down the middle and hemmed the sides, and added the eyelets.  I’m going to use a leather lace for this – instead of the twine in the pictures, btw.  The twine is too rough, and leather will go better with the outfit.

I’m not sure if I’ll actually end up wearing the cloak, because it’s sure to be hot, but IT LOOKS SO GOOD.

Anyway.  Will post a final update soon.

Ren Faire Costume Planning

A few days ago, I realized that the ren faire is coming up (in May).  I also realized that I really wanted to wear a new costume this year.  If you recall, last year I made a green cloak to wear, and had a white maxi dress underneath.  Well THIS year, I’m planning a little more.

After perusing Pinterest, and googling things like “renaissance faire costumes,” “plus size corset,” and “how to make a belly dance skirt,” I think I have decided what I’m going to do.

Basically I took what I liked out of these designs below, and drew up the sketch below that.



I’m super hopeful about it!!  The plan is to get fabric from thrift stores, and make a really poofy skirt.  I’m not AS sure about the top jumper part but if I can find a long dress at a thrift store, I should be able to modify it — add the drawstring portion, hem the sleeves, etc.  I may end up just buying the shirt because I bet that would be easier than making one, and possibly less expensive.

But, anyway. Will update with progress.


we’re going to start doing the almost-exclusively-vegetarian thing soon and I went to Aldi to get some bread, cheese, veggies — stuff for sandwiches this week.  I got back to work and made the sandwich, including about half of a jalapeno pepper.  I figured it’d be spicy but not too bad.

and now the inside of my mouth hurts and the outside of my mouth hurts and my left eye hurts, presumably where I somehow briefly touched it after cutting the pepper.

the only reason I’m still alive is probably that I pulled off half of the jalapenos on the sandwich after my nose started running.

still waiting on the endorphins to kick in.


We’re both getting new phones.  Stephen’s camera had stopped working, and his battery would die basically any time and without warning.  My battery is getting to that stage too, and I’ve had this phone for probably 2.5 – 3 years, so figured it was time for a change.

So I ordered this amazing cover for it (which hasn’t delivered yet, and doesn’t look exactly like the picture because I neglected to take a screen shot of the website before placing my order, and these are custom covers).  I’m sorta more excited about the cover than I am about the phone!

Anyway.  Stephen tried to pick up his phone yesterday but they were having issues connected it to his AT&T account…and so I’ve just been remembering how much easier getting a new phone used to be.  Like, all you’d do is take your SIM card out of your old phone and put it in the new phone.  And bam.  Now though, after you activate the phone, you have to plug it up to iTunes and get it to sync…which, come to think of it, might be easy for people with newer computers and newer versions if iTunes.  Maybe that’s my problem.  I don’t remember what version I currently have, but it’s not the newest.  And it can be sort of a pain to update because my computer (a PC) isn’t really super fond of iTunes.

BUT whatever, like I said, I’m mostly excited about the case.

Progress be bein’ slow but sure.

We FINALLY have both of our old houses clean and empty, and the utilities turned off, and everything wrapped up.  Yesterday I went by my old Henry Ford house one last time, and… I could write a whole post about it, but I’m at work and will need to focus on working here shortly, so won’t do that.  But I really loved that house.  I’m glad to be moving on – literally and figuratively.  I mostly enjoyed my life in that house; some years were better than others, but I grew a lot and learned more about life and about myself while living there.

But!  I’m very excited about getting settled in our new house.  We keep making more progress every day, even though sometimes it feels like two steps forward and one step back.  But now we can focus 100% on unpacking and organizing and decorating, so I expect things to start coming together quickly.  We’re both starting to feel anxious about the boxes still hanging around the place —- this is what the living room looked like last night when Stephen started unpacking his bookshelf.

living room

So there’s plenty of potential……buried underneath boxes.  But!  Progress!

Anyway, I’ll post more pictures as soon as there’s more to look at.